Coastal Thermal Imaging provides infrared imaging and inspection services for boats and other types of industries throughout North Carolina and Virginia, including governmental, commercial, industrial, and residential properties. Led by Certified Thermographer, Lloyd Griffin, Coastal Thermal Imaging's infrared imaging equipment can see anomalies that the naked eye cannot

The image shows variations in temperature, defects in parts and the health of a vessel to  machinery for manufacturing equipment.

       Areas where thermography has proven extremely effective and important are:



       Commercial Ships, Yachts & Boats

        Large Boat Motors and Transmissions
        Boat  Hulls and Structures


       Machinery, Motors, Engines, Pumps, & Conveyors




       Governmental Buildings





        Construction Faults
        Inadequate or Damaged Insulation

       Faulty Electrical Wiring
        Mold, Mildew Detection & Condensation Buildup
        Leaking Roofs, & Leaking Pipes
        Leaking Air Ducts, Windows & Doors
        Termites, Rats, Raccoon, Squirrels & Carpenter Ants

        Infrared Imaging for Homes

Coastal Thermal Imaging recognizes that building energy loss and controlling this loss reducing the consumption sky rocketing energy cost, thermal imaging will become a vital part of managing and wasting energy.  The thermal scan of your investment is economical and the pay back can come with in a heating or cooling season from energy loss.


Other building trades uses is moisture intrusion, leaking roofs, electrical faults and failures with an extend list of uses.


In maritime infrared imaging for your boat or thermographic inspection can produce findings not sighted or found by traditional surveying methods.

Coastal Thermal Imaging and Frigate Marine Services have provided Boat Thermal Imaging and Thermography to the Marine industry since 2008. Lloyd Griffin the principal has thirty five years of  boat building annd boat repair business along with contruction trades experience and certifications.  Lloyd is a Accredited MArine Surveyor Member of the Society of Accredited MArine Surveyors (SAMS), Surveyor Associate member of the NAtional Association of Marine Surveyors (NAMS), ABYC Standards certified, BPI Home Energy Audits certified and Certified by the Snell Group in Thermography